Businesses thrive when they plan for borderless challenges.

Hello there.  I'm Bradley Gold.  I enjoy a career ecosystem that consists of educating students, educating businesspeople, counseling legal clients, and helping to lead the international conversation in data privacy and privacy engineering.  I'm here to help you and your business meet large and unusual challenges with strength and creativity.

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Recent Media

University of Texas news and media contact for business matters.  Hired by clients for speeches and presentations.


At the College of Liberal Arts, I teach a directed research course in data privacy and operationalization of privacy by design.

As a Canadian ISO delegate, I enjoy my work as Co-Convenor, Ad Hoc Group {AHG} on Alignment of ISO 31700 with ISO/IEC 27701  and other ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 standards.

Lawyer #4 and Partner at the largest virtual law firm in Texas.  We specialize in high tech, food, and forward-thinking solutions for clients of all sizes.  We give discounts for teachers, veterans, first responders, and nice people. Learn more here

Collecting foot traffic and audience movement analytics while protecting and prioritizing consumer privacy.  This was a job for privacy by design.


At FamilyPlan, I'm excited to start my new role as General Counsel and Chief Data Officer

I am an expert with the Canadian Advisory Committee on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  I help Canadians understand and implement GDPR.



None of us are perfect.  What we do when faced with challenges or criticism defines who we are.  Business ethics - and being a good person - therefore is not about perfection.  It's a practice, and we work on it every day.  It's about making a thoughtful and defensible choice to care for as many people as possible, no matter what the circumstances  It's about accepting the world, and learning from it.  This is my teaching philosophy.


Wake up early.  Read all terms and conditions.  Help people.  Live naturally. 

20 years of building businesses. Data privacy expert.  Factory operations and risk analysis help.  Disaster planning & recovery services, and practicing law since 2006.  Offices in Austin, Chicago, Toronto, and Ottawa.  Clients are located worldwide.  Historically, I had a policy to meet all clients in person...this policy is temporarily suspended.

My career ecosystem is not possible without a LOT of great teams helping me out!  More pages, resources, and links coming soon...

As of 17 March 2020, this website may be viewed publicly, but is still under construction.  Please excuse any errors or omissions.  Default policies and common sense apply in the absence of formal documentation.



Q1 2020 Update:  Disaster planning, crisis recovery, and data privacy protection projects and ideas will receive priority attention. 


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