Hello Students.  Lectures and classes I teach at the University of Texas will move to a virtual environment until further notice.  Spring 2020 LEB320F, welcome.   

This page will be used to provide general updates, information, and links for UT students.  This page will also include links and resources for executive education students and guests attending virtual lectures or workshops.  


Students, please see Canvas for updated Spring 2020 grading procedures and other details grading information.

Courses will be captured and available to watch at your convenience via Loom.  So, if you can't make the live lecture that begins at 11am, you can watch the videos on your own time on Loom.  Also on Loom, explainer videos to get started in our virtual classroom!

Virbela has given us their auditorium on Mondays and Wednesdays so come on in and take a seat!  If you are not a student or invited stage guest, please hold questions until after class.